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Laying down tracks from my bedroom overlooking the river.
Laying down tracks from my bedroom overlooking the river. (2004)

Hey everyone, I’m Eric and I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience about recording music at home here at Learn Recording Today!

I started recording at home over 20 years ago, wow that sounds so long when I see it in type. During those years I progressed from knowing nothing to knowing enough to make it sound like I know what I’m talking about. Joking aside, over the years I picked up some great tips and learned a lot by trial and error. And now I want to share those things with you.

I’ve always had a passion for music and bought my first guitar in the early nineties. I thought I’d be a rock star. I started learning from a book and found that it was much harder than I’d thought. I also did not like learning the old songs in the book I owned, I wanted to ROCK!

Needless to say the guitar sat in the corner for about six months and my dream fizzled until my best friend came over one day and said lets make jam. I picked up the guitar and just made stuff up until my fingers were sore. I was excited and I was rocking. Six months later we were in a real recording studio recording our first album. I was sold … I needed a studio at home.

I felt an immediate sense of urgency to record the songs I had written, not just to remember them but to prepare an entirely new album of my own that I could show off to friends and family. I was quite a show off, some say I still am and i won’t deny it. I went to my local music store and purchased a Yamaha 4 track cassette recorder. Yeah, I bet some of you didn’t know we used to track to cassette tapes.

From here on my passion lie in writing and recording my own music. My home studio grew and grew. Today I record to a computer with my DAW and have some decent outboard gear. Jump in and check it out you may learn something and I’m certain you will have some fun along the way.

I look forward to communicating with you all. Please feel free to ask questions, provide insight and let me know what you think of the site. I’d love to hear your stories, struggles, accomplishments and hear some tunes too … don’t be afraid to reach out and Learn Recording Today!




email: eric@learnrecordingtoday.com


6 thoughts on “About Eric

  1. Eric, Nice site..I have always enjoyed music and have tried on several occasions to learn how to play the piano and guitar on my own…with no success. So anyone that is self taught has my admiration.

    Keep on doing what you are doing!! Tina

    1. Thank you Tina – music is great!

      Anyone can make music – in fact I did take a few guitar lessons when I first started but just couldn’t stick with it, I had to make my own music up.

      If you look at an instrument that way it is much easier to learn.

      Thank you for stopping by LRT, I look forward to seeing you back again.

      Give the guitar or piano another shot and let me know how it goes or if you need some help.

      ROCK ON!

  2. Cool having a studio of your own at home! Music is a passion for me too, especially classic rock like Nazareth, Kiss, Aerosmith and so on. Rockers make the best ballads 🙂
    All the best and rock on, Kristina

    1. Agreed Kristina – Rockers have made the best ballads and really got the masses together. Music is much more diverse now – did you ever notice how many genres there are – WOW!

      I hope you enjoyed yourself at Learn Recording Today and come back soon!

      ROCK ON!

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