AKG K812

I Had The Privilege

to listen through a pair of AKG K812 open-back professional headphones and I find it hard to utter words that even begin to explain my experience. These cans have been sent from another world . . . THEY ARE AMAZING! Simply the best studio headphones I’ve found!

The Sound of Heaven

OK you got me – I don’t really know what Heaven sounds like but if it sounds anything like music heard through the K812’s then I cannot wait to get there. I guess I should wait though because that would mean I’d not be here doing what I love ~ helping you learn to record music.

I’ve never listened through a set of cans that were open-backed so this was new to me but I’ve also never listened

AKG K812
AKG K812

through a set of cans of such superior quality.

The best way I can describe my listening journey is that I felt inside the music, I mean really I’m not exaggerating here.

The sound was three dimensional and seemed to go on forever. Even listening to simple tones from a frequency generator made my hair stand up it was so real. Way better than what you hear for an audio ear test!

The Fit

I was skeptical regarding the open-back design and how the cans would fit as they look bulky but are actually very light. When I placed them on my head they naturally conformed to me and directed the sound to my own ears sweet spot!

The gentlemen who owns the cans has a much larger noggin than I and the K812’s easily accommodated both of us – individually of course.

When wearing them I felt certain they were specially designed, fitted and manufactured to my skull and aural dimensions.


  • 5 – 54 kHz Bandwidth WOW
  • 110 dB SPL/V
  • 300 mW Input
  • 36 Ω Impedance
  • 1.5 Tesla Magnet
  • 53 mm Driver

And all of this in a lightweight 13.76 ounce package!

Summing it Up

The AKG K812’s are by all counts a phenomenal set of headphones, simply the best studio headphones available on the market today.

The price tag – a whopping 1400 bucks for the AKG K812’s leaves them out of reach to me and many other home studio owners. For reference I bought a used truck & snow plow for 1000 bucks. If you have the dough though by all means snatch up a pair or the K812’s . . . you’ll be among the elite!

Fortunately for us AKG makes two very equitable solutions to this dilemma. The AKG K712 Pro and the K612 Pro which run under 500 and 200 bucks respectively.

I am ordering up a pair of K612 Pro’s shortly as I dream of one day owning my own pair of K812’s. The K612 Pro’s will nicely compliment my lower end mix and monitor cans, Sennheiser HD 201’s.

I recommend every studio owner, wanna be owner, dabbler of recording music as well as anyone who just enjoys listening to music through a nice set of headphones to pick up a pair or five of the HD 201’s as they are discontinued and have a great price point today!

That’s if for now at Learn Recording Today. Let me know what you think are the best studio headphones or what you have for cans and what you think of the ones I’ve mentioned here! Stay tuned!




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