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Maintenance Update

Changes Coming Soon

Dear LRT visitors,

To enhance your user experience we are making some major changes to our website format over the coming months. What you can expect to see:

  • Less Clutter
  • Easier Navigation
  • Faster Response
  • More Mobile Friendly
  • Regular Content Updates

We encourage your input and ideas as we tailor this site to your needs, please leave us a comment below.




Mackie Mix5 Compact Mixer

Little Package Large Sound!

The Mackie Mix5 Compact Mixer is definitely compact though provides an excellent quality output without added noise or distortion. This is one tough little mixer for your mobile unit or your studio.

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Recording Studio Apps – Ready or Not

Technology is Excellent!

When it works of course. This week I am going to explain some myths and realities about Recording Studio Apps. I encourage you all to provide feedback in the comments section at the bottom of this article.

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Listen to This

Yes – Listen to This –

What do you listen to? How does this affect your music? Would you like to make your music and recordings better? Well listen to this and you will understand how to achieve both.

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Portable Digital Recorder

There’s Nothing Worse Than

missing out on a recording opportunity because your out in the field. This is easily solved with a Portable Digital Recorder.


OK – so you may be wondering just what one of these gadgets is. These little buggers are excellent tools to have both in and outside your studio.

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Tascam DR 40 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder

Is it the one For You . . .

The Tascam DR 40 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder is the best bang for your hard earned buck – it certainly has been for me! The DR 40 will be a workhorse for you too! Read on to understand why grasshopper.

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How to Buy a Web Name

Mystery Uncovered!

For those that are new to the internet and do not know how to buy a web name I am going to clear that mystery up for you here at LRT.

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Home Recording Studio Equipment

Rolling . . .

You should recall the Four Food Groups of recording. It’s time we break those down further & into home recording studio equipment. Damn Eric why do you keep referring to this as food, enough already – OK then …. from now on I’ll call them the stages of recording, happy? Yes thanks. (Really!)

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How to Record Your Own Music

Passion Burns Deep

This is especially true with Your Music! You’ve done the hard part and written music and now you must learn how to record your own music. Well you’ve come to the right place, LRT!

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What is a DAW – You Really Want to Know?

Dirty And Wild

Nope, try again.

So what is a DAW – OK, I’ll just tell you –

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