Cans Suck ~ You Must Have Them !

Be Honest With Yourself

Are you looking for the best studio headphones? Do you even like wearing headphones (Cans for the old scholars) confined to your own little bitty space separated from civilization and stuck in your own mind with just you the tunes and your thoughts?

If you do … well … you need more help than I am capable of providing to you here (feel free to pass along your shrinks info as I could use it also). If you don’t mind putting cans on occasionally to see how things sound – GREAT – you’re in the right place!

tin cans
Not These Cans!

A Bit About Cans

I could write all sorts of technical data and do endless reviews about the best studio headphones to use for mixing or listening or DJing and so on. I am not going to bore you with such benign information and technical jargon. Instead of that, today at Learn Recording Today I’m going to lay out the basics and send you on your way to get recording.

In Addition to Your M&M’s You Must Have Cans

The idea here is simple:

  • You need to listen to your mixes on different sources to understand how they will translate outside of your studio.


  • At times, especially in a home studio, you will need to isolate your monitoring to avoid waking the neighbors.


  • When tracking you or your artists will need to hear the mix without interfering with open mics.


  • They look cool hanging on your equipment rack and make you look even cooler when wearing them in photos – very important!
Smiley face w/headphones
These Cans!

So Many Styles and Prices ~ What Now?

Start simple and low budget on cans. If you’re spending more than 200 bucks on cans I expect you have well over a grand wrapped up in M&M’s. Remember M&M’s come first or should receive a decent amount of your budget. Keep in mind that your studio will eventually grow as your needs and resources do. This is when you can go get that $500 pair of state of the art cans. I found a decent pair of cheap headphones that work excellent for my needs and will for yours too. I’ve added a review on a dream pair of headphones I’d love to have and also mention budget cans and where to get them on the review. Go ahead and check it out here.

Summing it Up

Cans are a must have in any studio, both for the recording engineer and for studio musicians but you don’t have to spend a small fortune on this gear … at least not right away! As always thank you for stopping by and listening to me preach about the best studio headphones for my needs! Keep in touch and I’ll see you back here soon. Don’t forget to check out my can review and give me a shout out in comments ~ I’m here to help you!



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