Is it all about the Equipment?

Partially yes and partially no – so maybe I guess but not really for certain. HUH?


Confused Yet?

I was! – years ago when I started recording at home. I did not have LRT to help me out – but YOU do!

Thanks to my knowledge from expereince and a ton of technology that helps me reach you (can’t forget about that) YOU have LRT – and Free!


Really Now –

You cannot accomplish recording without some equipment and nor could anyone else in history. If you find a way then hell pass it along to all of us. In the meantime we need little black boxes with flashy lights with a side of black spaghetti soup laying in wait to trip us up in order to capture sound and replay it.

Or maybe we need only one little box – no spaghetti soup.

We must have something, otherwise known as EQUIPMENT!

Even the greatest knowledge, ability, skills, know-how and such will NEVER provide you a recording without Equipment. – Tis true folks.

Hence my focus on equipment here at Learn Recording Today.




4 thoughts on “Equipment

  1. Hey E.I like the input on recording. I haven’t used any mobil devices but do use Garage band on my Mac.
    I have a Presonus 8 track interface and a pair of BX5a monitor speakers.
    I am not the most proficient but do make some demo’s. When I get back to recording I have some ideas as to how to improve. I sent 4 tunes to Fiverr and got them mastered as a fact finding mission and have an idea what I have to do.
    Several years ago I sent a demo to a guy who looks for alternative Christian music for radio and he actually listened and gave some good feed back.
    Keep up the good work were all trying to get there.


    1. That’s great Marty! Recording is a ton of fun and it sounds like you’ve got a nice little rig set up.

      How did the Fiverr mastering go for you? I have had others ask me about doing this and I tell them buyer beware, especially if they don’t give you copyright release. They can copyright the sound recording for themselves and things can get messy.

      Thanks for stopping by LRT and I hope to see you around again soon! Keep on Rockin’!

      ROCK ON!

  2. Hi Mike here, now we are talking. I love music any type not Rap though people can not pick a guitar playing Rap. But Bon Jovi and AC/DC I’ve always wanted to play some “Hell’s Bell’s” on a guitar. Nice Website ! Rock On.

    1. Hey Mike you are one interesting rocker! I appreciate your input and hope you are ROCKING the HOUSE with “Hell’s Bell’s”!

      Thanks for stopping by Mike and I hope to see you back soon, glad to know you enjoyed LRT!

      – you know the gig –

      ROCK ON!


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