Help Paying The Bills ~ Never Hurts

I Get High With a Little Help …

Paying the Bills! Thanks to a British band you may have heard of I came up with that idea. Stinky, maybe. If you’re still here at the end and you may be if you need Help Paying The Bills then not so stinky.

Look I’m not here to sell you anything or mislead you or tell you to do anything. I am here to see my dream through life – LRT ~ a.k.a. Learn Recording Today.

I enjoy helping others and have a burning in my soul tagged music. Music and recording actually. I have spent my career and, well, my life helping others. I have been in the service industry since the beginning. I have a ton of knowledge to pass along and I am doing that at NO COST to you by means of LRT.

So What about Help Paying The Bills ?

Right then. Well I’ll get to that so just be patient and let me finish plugging my site OK.

So I’ve spent years giving (and have received a great deal too) and wish to give more ~ my heart and soul for you at Learn Recording Today.

You will not find anything here that I don’t like. You may see or read things from me that you love and some you don’t quite care for. My Heart & Soul is in my music and in LRT.

OK already – Here We Go ~

A good friend of mine, Fred, knows how well I can take a long time to make a short story. I admire him for that but, to me, it’s not about the result it’s about the journey as I’ve found through life so far.

Through my journey I’ve come to realize that Freedom is not a given. Freedom is not equally distributed to all. Freedom is not a classic moment at the end of a famous movie and Freedom is not FREE!

What Freedom means to you and I may differ though I can assure you that if you don’t have mobility you will not feel so free.

Yeah I did it I said Freedom = Mobility.

And now I’m going to say (watch closely no slight of hand here) Mobility = Money.

You All Caught Up Now ?

I encourage anyone and everyone to try and be Free without money. I Double Dog Dare you!

You know what you’ll find – some amazing seemingly ingenious thoughts in your head that you are free and maybe a Lennon song or two as a backdrop proclaiming money don’t matter.

Sorry I can’t help laughing as I can see you believing your free that way as I once did. What a righteous feeling huh?

The Bills Are Due!

and so are YOU!

Thanks for hanging in there – those who already bounced will come to understanding another day. Hopefully for them not to late.

If you need help paying the bills I can suggest a few ideas. I will present some ways to make money with your studio – no matter how small it is – they say size doesn’t matter.

Here I will pass along something new to me but something we all see everyday – Affiliate Marketing.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

is Affiliate Marketing?

Simply put Affiliate Marketing is nothing more than advertising on your website.

Sounds Expensive

Nope – Free

In fact if you pay for an Affiliate connection your doing something wrong.

What About the Website

Cheap – about 10 bucks.

Yep, Cheap. – unless you only have 4 bucks of course … then it may seem a little pricey.

In fact I’ll tell you where to get one – but you can’t have this one because I OWN it!


Nope it’s all true.

I’d never be able to afford to bring you LRT any other way.

How do I do it

If you want help paying the bills and would like to build a 100% Totally Free Website – and get some Super training (free to) then check out the link below.

Wealthy Affiliate University Link

If you stuck around this long and don’t want anything  to do with making some money that’s cool with me. I only share what I know and what I feel useful here on LRT.



16 thoughts on “Help Paying The Bills ~ Never Hurts

  1. Eric,
    I know, I know, it’s about time,huh???? After how many months, and he finally visited my website. I am really impressed, and it is completely obvious you have been around the turntable a time or two. Ya didn’t think I’d leave all the sense of humor for you, did ya. lol It also encourages me to see what you have learned at WA, and I’m experiencing it here with LRT!!! Such an Oasis to look forward to. I have to agree that there is no match thus far for a good percussion player that can keep a beat, that feels what is coming forth. It does tend to bring out the animal in us guitarists, heh he heh. Had you ever messed around with the BR-8??? Had a good friend who recorded an entire CD with his band with one, and it was kind of impressive for as small as it was. I plan on checking out more of your site, have graced a few pages on recording, equipment, revenue, and was hoping to hear you soon. Take care, my friend, and thanks for the time you spend reaching out to others. That’s a great gift. 🙂

    1. Hey Wayne thanks for stopping by LRT … finally (lol).

      As for WA (Wealthy Affiliate for those that do not know) LRT would never have been possible nor would I have learned all the great things I’ve learned about the internet, websites, marketing, affiliate programs, people and so on.

      A solid skin beater is a must and you are spot on Wayne … in brings out the beast in us guitarists. I love it!

      I’ve had my time with a BR-8, never owned one but played with one on several occasions. Great all in one demo box. I had a few similar all in ones over the years, can’t remember them all but they serve a purpose for sure. Keep your eyes peeled for more on these in upcoming articles here at LRT.

      I am glad you like the site so far and appreciate your input. Keep on rockin’!

      ROCK ON!

  2. Hey, Eric!

    I was just returning the favor and looking over your site! Great job, Bro!

    You really have a nice looking site and very informative for those looking to record their own stuff! I’m not into that myself (I don’t even play any instruments) but if I hear of anyone who is, I know where to send them!

    You’ve got a great sense of humor! That is definitely needed in this world, just to get by!

    “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,”

    “Size Doesn’t Matter,”

    (and I haven’t heard this term for years, now) “Double Dog Dare You!”

    You’re right about Wealthy Affiliate, too! I would encourage anyone looking for (at least) some extra money to give it a try! It’s free to start, so what do they have to lose, right?

    Hey, keep up the good work, man! have a great rest of your weekend!

    You rock, Big E!

    1. Thanks Pastor D!

      I’m just a dude that likes music and loves helping other folks out. I do have a very technical and professional voice but no one wants to hear that – they want to hear the everyday Joe just like they are hinging out with a friend and shooting the breeze.

      LRT is coming along well, slower than I expected due to an accident I was involved in but still chugging along.

      I am with you 100% about WA – it blows my mind how excellent the training is, all the cool tools they have and most impressively the diverse experience an expertise of hundreds of thousands of individual community members. WA cannot be beat even if one choses to be a paid member (which is really cheap).

      If anyone is interested you can start for free at this link and build two websites – CLICK HERE FOR FREE ACCOUNT AND TWO WEBSITES

      Thanks for stopping by Pastor D! Keep cool and as always –

      ROCK ON!

  3. I am glad you found a way to “help pay the bills” doing something you are passionate about! I love this post you crack me up. $10 is cheap-unless you only have $4 haha! Great writing, and I think it is awesome music lovers have a place to go where everything is all laid out for them complete with reviews.

    1. Yeah, that’s just the way my mind works Brittany . . . I think I have some kind of built in humor or at least a very different lens I see the world around me through.

      Can’t argue with a little help paying the bills – well at least I can’t.

      ROCK ON!

  4. I’m loving the post! I love music and listen it to it when I’m sad, happy, angry. Have you heard of the beat thang? I have one and started messing around on it making beats. It’s a pretty neat device.
    WA is no joke and it could bring wealth to your world! Great post!

    1. Hey Tracy a BIG Thank You! I’m happy you liked the post – hey we all gotta pay the bills after all right.

      Yeah the Beat Thang by BKE – it’s coolness for certain! I haven’t had time to post all that I’d like yet but way way back when I started recording there were no devices that could match the Beat Thang! I’m always looking for the worst part a device (or software) before I buy – have you found any with the Beat Thang Tracy?

      You’re right on about WA too!

      ROCK ON!

  5. Rock on bro! Life is nothing without some kind of music! Music takes you to other places like books do, that’d be anywhere you want to go! I also built my site through WA and I can tell you this is no lie! And yes, it’s free! Great job Eric! love your site!

    1. Thanks booklover2! I’m not big on pitching things to people especially as it feels like I’m taking a way from my FREE site. On the other hand LRT wouldn’t be here and I would not have such an avenue to share my vast knowledge and experience if not for WA!

      And yes, books & music as with other arts have many things in common. Another reason I like making my OWN music and recording it. I’d write a book but cannot stand all the English rules involved – too much to think a bout – LOL

      ROCK ON!

  6. hi Eric
    well you certainly have a unique way of writing and it is refreshing!
    I think there is money to be made in affiliate marketing as long as one is willing to invest time and effort. Because it’s not magic….You seem to have found a niche you know a lot about and that’s really important. So good for you for sharing your knowledge with others!

    1. Thanks Emily – and I agree, affiliate marketing is no scam no get rich quick deal or anything as such but certainly does take hard work. See I look at it this way – I don’t look at what I’m doing as marketing, I pay more attention to my recording site and my patrons. Sure I’ll put up ads and stuff but all things that I find of value to my followers. I’m new on the web so not many followers yet. When people see the value of LRT they will come and tell their friends I’m certain of it.

      ROCK ON!

  7. Hey there, Eric,

    I have been away for a bit, not having dropped in to your site for a bit. But I am really glad I did today. You have a really fun writing style and I LOVE your recommendation for the company, Wealthy Affiliate.

    This was a straight forward read with a sort of ‘catch me if you can’ presentation style. I hope that folks who read this post in your recording site will see the tremendous value you are offering them by introducing them to the company that has helped you to develop your site, LTR.

    I have learned allot from your site and this is just one more good example of your straightforward and heartfelt communication.


    1. Thank you Linda, I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

      I’m not much on writing, nor ever thought I was very good at it. I do enjoy sharing my knowledge and things that have helped me or may help others – that’s in my DNA.

      I’m happy to hear that you are learning something at LRT – that’s the intent, well to have fun too!

      Stop back soon!

      ROCK ON!


    1. Hey thanks Demi! I’m not much of a writer but addictive sounds cool to me 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon … I have much more coming soon!

      ROCK ON!

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