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Rolling . . .

You should recall the Four Food Groups of recording. It’s time we break those down further & into home recording studio equipment. Damn Eric why do you keep referring to this as food, enough already – OK then …. from now on I’ll call them the stages of recording, happy? Yes thanks. (Really!)

Take Two . . .

Recall that – Source – Input Device – Recording Device – Output makes up the Signal Chain that we use to record music – or any audio for arguments sake.

Also do not forget SUPER TIP #1.

In this article I will not focus on the signal chain so much as the equipment that comprises the food groups, errr stages.

So let’s get on with it shall we.


This is the first stage (food group) of the recording signal chain. The source could be considered as the following (note this is not a complete list and you may know of other sources – don’t be afraid to share here at LRT);

  • Instrument (direct)


  • Microphone (transducer)

Again, this is not a comprehensive list just a sample of the most familiar sources to newcomers. Hmmm … was there another source there – see if you can spot it and you decide.

Input Device

The second stage in our signal chain may be most commonly known as a mixing board. In a previous post I mentioned several names that a “mixing board” has been referred to as. Here are some other common input devices;

  • Mixing Board


  • Direct box (questionable)


  • Audio Interface

You may be asking yourself . . . what is an Audio Interface? And you may tell yourself . . . I have no idea what is an Audio Interface. OK, sad attempt at a Talking Heads cliché. Anyway – You will learn what an Audio interface is here at LRT.

Recording Device

Yep, the thingy that actually scribes your music (tunes, audio, madness, whatever) which always it to be played back at another time and repeatedly.

Hurray for good music – not so good for the overplayed Top 40 junk. (not junk – I love many hit songs but dammit radio stations of our world please don’t play them over and over so friggin much!)

You know why they play them so much right? – share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Recording devices take many shapes and sizes but for the most part in todays world they are no more than a hunk of software that you load into your computer or – get this – use remotely.

Personally I do not prefer the latter and will explain in greater detail in an upcoming article.

Let’s take a look at some of the devices that have been used to record over the years. Many of these are still around and in use today. In no particular order;

  • Analog Formats
    • Wax Cylinder (anybody have one?)
    • various size reel to reel tape


  • Digital Formats
    • DAT
    • ADAT
    • Cassette
    • Mini Disc
    • Hard Drive

Again not an all inclusive list by any means. I will touch on some of those devices throughout LRT as all, and others have had a very influential and inspiring effect on my life and to modern recording.

Much more coming on the early days and history of recorded sound – Hold on for History!


Well, can’t hear the tunes if there’s no output.

There are not many ways to make sound reach our ears. In fact there is only ONE way – a transducer.

Transducer is a fancy electronic term that means nothing more than changing one type of energy to another. I guess you could argue this with inputs too but let’s keep it simple for now.

So then, we have;

  • Speakers


  • Headphones

There are other less common devices but again we’re keeping it simple for now. So start slow and carefully. You could spend a ton of MONEY you don’t need too and waste precious time by diving in without knowledge or experience. I WILL Help You.

If you prefer not to ask questions or share in the comments section of LRT you can reach me personally by email at

Never Forget Your M&M’s!

More To Come

In future articles I will break down home recording studio equipment even further. I will provide many specific things to look for and stay away from as well as many many more SUPER TIPS!

Just keep one thing in mind throughout your adventure at LRT – I am here to help You – at no cost. This is and always will be a Free site!



2 thoughts on “Home Recording Studio Equipment

  1. well – this is real instructive to new commers, not only to music making but for those of us that still make references to ‘multi – track tapes and amplifiers to heear our productions ; )
    I don’t get time to create music these days but am always trying to find time for it with a freind. I’m in the process of seeking a clarinet – which is proving to be promising. This post is something that I’ll definately refere back to.
    Thanks Eric

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