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I know you’re eager to get your studio up and running but beware of home recording studio packages as they may not accommodate your specific needs. If you find one that does, with minimal compromise, you stand a chance to save some cash – which is always a good thing!

 One size does not fit all

Nearly all major name manufacturers offer home recording studio packages of some sort. These packages range from simple like a microphone, headphones and an audio interface to the more complex which can include more gear such as speakers, stands and other accessories.

Years ago (many) I bought an Alesis package that included an ADAT 8 track VHS recorder, a 16 channel analog mixer and some other stuff. It wasn’t a bad deal at the time but looking back I’d have rather had a different board. So there is some compromise, usually, when buying a package … like cable you want certain stations but to get those you have to buy a bundle and get 500 stations of crap too. Of course, and from my experience, the music equipment manufacturers don’t give it to you like the cable companies do if you know what I mean.

So packages are great to start and there are many to fit any budget just keep in mind that you’ll probably out grow most any package on the market if you are getting into recording for more than personal pleasure. I said personal pleasure. Let’s see how many posts I can fit that into.

What are the alternatives

Many. And this comes back to asking yourself questions. make sure to keep your long term goals in mind too. And if you do not have long term goals plan on the fact that you will eventually want to upgrade or expand because if your anything like me and thousands of others that record music you will want to expand.

Sure purchasing gear piece by piece may take a little more effort but you will surely get exactly what you want. This does not have to be expensive either. Look for deals locally. Sign up for all the music equipment retailers free catalogs and don’t forget used gear. Just be careful when buying used gear in person or over the web.

At the end of the day whether you buy a package or build your dream studio piece by piece you will be certain to have a blast when all the little lights are on, the room is dead silent, the faders go up and you say, rolling. About 5 seconds later you’ll probably say take two but who knows!

Would you like to know more

I am working on a review page which will include recording packages among other equipment. Keep your eyes peeled this is going to ROCK!

Have you had an experience with a home recording studio package? Leave us a comment below and let us know the pros and cons – or just say hey.

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18 thoughts on “Home Recording Studio Packages – The Skinny

  1. I’ll be wanting to set up a proper home studio soon, but at the moment I’m just making music tracks with FL Studio and a laptop, making use of loops, plug ins and digitally creating sounds, and the only headphones I have are my iPhone earphones. I would really like to get a decent mike, studio monitors, get back on a desktop computer and buy a decent keyboard to record sounds from. I mostly make cinematic production music and EDMs.

    1. Thanks for stopping by LRT Darren! FL Studio is a decent DAW and with the right interfaces and outboard equipment you’ll have yourself a nice studio!

      I’ve a friend who owns a studio and has done cinematic production – great stuff …. “they” are looking to turn one of his concepts albums into a Broadway play. Frankly the album and story line would be perfect as a play. As with most DAW’s and working in the digital playground you have virtually endless possibilities.

      Stop back soon!

      ROCK ON!


  2. Hi Eric.

    I agree that while buying a Home Recording Studio Package may tend to save you money, there is also the risk of only part of it meeting your needs with the rest being something that you just have to settle for.

    Buying items separately may cost more but. at least you can select the specific functionality that you are looking for which may end up saving money in the long run as opposed to buying a package only to have to upgrade certain things later.

    Do you have any experience with Garage Band?

    1. Hey Forrest thanks for your thoughts. You are right on the mark when it comes to packages.

      I do have experience with Garage Band and it’s a neat program although on the lower end of the software spectrum. I like it though and fiddle with it now and again. The interface is smooth and easy to pick up for a beginner. Do you have Garage Band Forrest?

      Thanks for stopping by LRT and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

      ROCK ON!


      1. Hi again Eric,
        No, I don’t have Garage Band but, I do play a little acoustic guitar and it is something I have been thinking about for awhile, just for my own amusement so, being that this is on the lower end, it is probably perfect for a recording newbie like me 🙂

        1. Hi Forrest, great to hear from you again!

          Yeah Garage Band would work and there are many others too. In fact, I use Sonar Producer and there is a lower level Cakewalk product geared towards guitar recording called Music Creator 7 and runs about 40 bucks. Keep in mind that Cakewalk is now owned by Gibson too … cool stuff!

          ROCK ON!

  3. Hi Eric,

    Cool information you have here. I am not really into the business of home recording studio but I always have wondered about one thing, perhaps you can help me on this.

    How do you soundproof your recording room? Is there cheap alternatives than buying expensive soundproofing foams? I am sure the recording equipments can cost some pretty penny so saving it where it can be saved will help a long way.

    1. Hi Syu,

      There are a multitude of ways to soundproof a recording environment. They range from very expensive to dirt cheap. There are some decent affordable foams on the market that fit into the mid price range that work well.

      I’ve used these foams in one of my studios. I used heavy weight moving blankets (about 10 bucks each at Harbor Freight) in another of my studios and my favorite studio I actually built a room inside of a room complete with resilient channels double walls and so on.

      So for cost, you could easily get away with about 50 bucks in moving blankets and really deaden a room.

      Thanks for stopping by LRT I hope to see you again soon.

      ROCK ON!


  4. Hi there Eric,
    It’s a really good thing that recording equipment has become way more accessible than it use to be. When I first started, I had to use three tape recorders, one mic, a stereo, and a drum machine / bass synth. lol
    Now, you can get all the goodies all packaged up for what a mixing recorder use to cost.
    Crazy times we’re in!
    Looking forward to more with this on your site! Catchya later.

    1. Right on Brian! The times sure have changed and I’m certain there are more changes to come.

      I recall those days as well. The days when it took a room full of gear and cables and wires everywhere and little flashing lights all over the place. It was sort of magical in a way. With today’s technology one box (or software program) can do it all.

      I’ll post more pictures of my studio and dig out some of my prior studios for reference. Currently though there are a few pics of some of my gear on this monitor review if you’re interested. KRK ROKIT 5 G3

      Thanks for stopping by LRT and I look forward to chatting again. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

      ROCK ON!


  5. Hey Eric,

    Thanks for the concise post, I wasn’t planning to turn my home into a studio, but you did provided a lot of information how to set up a studio. I actually have a friend who would love to read this post, I will keep in mind to refer him about this website. Keep on writing!

  6. Eric isn’t the best home recording package these days just Pro Tools on the laptop you already own along with a decent mic? Or have things gone the other direction and are people once again wanting to turn real nobs and move real faders over playing with software?

    1. Well Chris Pro Tools is a great DAW and there are other great DAW’s out there as well. I have an article coming on this soon. However there is more needed than just a decent mic. To get the full function of any DAW you really need an audio interface (more to come in an upcoming article).
      It’s also true that there is a great trend in vintage (wow I’m that old huh) gear where people do want more touchy feely. This is not necessarily replacing new technology rather than blending with it. Stay tuned for more on this! ROCK ON! E

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