How to Buy a Web Name

Mystery Uncovered!

For those that are new to the internet and do not know how to buy a web name I am going to clear that mystery up for you here at LRT.

The best part of buying a web name, aka domain name, is that it is very easy and the cost is minimal.

Why do I Need a Web Name

Well you don’t need a web name if you want to limit your recording and money making opportunities.

If you do have a web name you can reach 2 and a half billion potential customers all at once.

Sound good to you? I thought so.

Not only are you able to promote your studio and mobile recording offerings, you can also promote your music, your band or even offer your clients an avenue to promote their music …. that of course you recorded.

Another revenue stream right there – which means you can build a bigger better badder ass studio!

It’s Super Simple and Super Cheap

This is perfect for a person like me – simple and cheap. In fact I bought my web name from There are other places available though I’ve found that this had the best price and service.

As I’ve mentioned in other articles I am not a fan of banners or other advertising and tend to stay away from them other than when I feel there is value for you in something I’ve used. Below is a link where you can buy yourself a web name.

So Here We Go –

Now that I’ve got that out of the way let me explain how simple it is to buy a web name.

  1. First you’ll need to create an account and logon.
  2. Now you will need to Register a Domain.
  3. This is your web name and you will search to see if it is available.

When searching for a name it is very important to seek out a name that is available as a .com.

You also should get a name that is easy to remember and can be easily branded so your clients and potential clients will never forget you or your product or services.

What Else?

of course there is more to it . . . you need to purchase the name. This is not a challenge wherever you buy your web name but is extra simple where I purchased mine.

After you buy a domain you will need hosting and knowledge or instruction on how to build a website. This is more than I will go into here at LRT but I may write a brief article explaining, very generally, more about the process after buying a web name.

Hosting is not very expensive and there are many options available. I used a different avenue than simple hosting that gave me much much more for much much less. I recommend this for anyone wanting to build a website.

You can check out how I brought LRT to the world and to you in my article, Help Paying the Bills Never Hurts.

Questions ? ? ?

I’ve heard that the only stupid question is the one not asked – I don’t think that’s true myself. I have heard stupid questions and I’m sure have too.

You know what I’m talking about – the questions caused by someone not paying attention and then asking what’s going on.

I know that’s not you and doesn’t apply here so if you have a question no matter how stupid YOU think it is I promise you I will handle your question with the greatest care and attention – so ask away in the comments below!

The Parties Over . . . or is it . . .

This is one cart that you MUST put before the horse.

Why – because websites take time to become established in the online community and you do not want to be suffering the woes of building a website after you are established at recording or whatever your craft may be.

In fact even if you are reading this and not into recording music but have a passion of some kind or other now is the time to buy a web name and start a site.

I’m building my site now and I wish to hell that I’d had the opportunity to do it first – long ago, before I learned to record music and build a business.

A website would have made things so much easier for me and driven traffic, and revenue, to my passion.

Now that you know how to buy a web name the party is not over . . . it is just starting!



2 thoughts on “How to Buy a Web Name

  1. Thank you so much for that helpful post.
    I stumbled across your blog when looking for an alternative for my go daddy hosting.
    It seems that namecheap is the better choice.

    1. You are welcome Regina.

      Personally I prefer namecheap. I see better prices and service so I go with it.

      It was nice having you stumble along – you are welcome back anytime.

      ROCK ON!

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