I’m Sold

not only because I’ve already purchased the KRK ROKIT 5 G3 Active Studio Monitors but because they are great monitors at a great price and perfect for my studio. OK, plugs aside, let’s get on with it.

Frankly I don’t give a hoot what you buy for monitors but here I give you the low down on my KRK’s, and why I transitioned from a set of near field flatter response monitors to the KRK’s.


KRK ROKIT 5 G3 front
My studio is a mess – Just Pay Attention to the Monitor!

The High End

The highs are crispy and clean. I played a few of my favorite ‘go to’ songs through them. I am pretty certain I cannot hear 35kHz but it certainly feels like I can hear everything up to that range with the KRK ROCKIT 5 G3’s. I have never felt cymbals on my drum tracks sparkle as they do with these monitors, I could almost see the sound.

The Bottom End

The ROCKIT 5’s have a much more realistic low end than I expected. They sound more like music I hear played on various sound systems outside of the studio. I played some of my daughters pop music and the 5″ woofers barely broke a sweet. Playing some rock, punk and heavy metal the KRK’s delivered incredible punch with the kick drum and toms.

What about the Mids

Spacious! Before I unhooked my old monitors (Alesis point 7’s) I compared the KRK’s with them. The absolute first thing I noticed was an incredible change in the size of the sound. Not louder but wider and deeper. The difference was so vast I quickly removed the Point 7’s from the picture. Snare and vocals really jump out of the mix with even poorly recorded tracks. Something to keep in mind when mixing of course.

KRK back side
Great Control for me!

It’s all about Control

Both the high and low ends of the KRK ROCKIT 5 G3’s have a rear panel knob for level adjustment. These are great features, especially on the low end as I had to drop the level some to avoid thump due to my monitors being so close to the wall.

The rear panel also contains an over-all volume control that is independent for each monitor and unbalanced RCA, balanced TRS and XLR connection options. You can see by my photo that I quickly hooked my ROCKIT 5’s with balanced TRS cables as I did not want to take the time to run XLR’s … I’ll do that later. And of course there is a power switch and AC line connection.

Summing it Up

You may think that having a speaker that is somewhat tainted (thicker low end, richer mids and crispier highs) is not good for mixing and that near flat response speakers like the famous Yamaha NS10’s should be used. This is not certainly so. The key is to have a decent set of monitors that you know very well. You can read more about this on the monitor page under equipment (coming soon).

Overall the KRK ROCKIT 5 G3’s deliver the bang for my hard earned buck. They are not the cheapest in class nor are they the most expensive. The ROCKIT 5’s are a perfect fit in my small one room studio, work great for mixing and well for cranking up to just listen and rock out!


  • 5″ Aramid Glass Composite Woofer
  • 1″ Soft Dome Tweeter
  • 45Hz-35kHz Frequency Response
  • 106 dB Max Peak SPL
  • Class A-B Amplifier
  • 50 W Power Output
  • 10 KΩ Balanced Input Impedance
  • HF Level Adjustment
  • LF Level Adjustment
  • 14.1 lbs. Overall Weight
  • 9.06″ D, 7.28″ W, 11.10″ H
  • Input Options
    • Unbalanced RCA
    • Balanced 1/4″ TRS
    • Balanced XLR


All in All the KRK ROCKIT 5 G3’s are a perfect fit for me and may be for you as well. The ROCKIT series also comes in a 6″ and 8″ version. I bought my ROCKIT 5’s at Guitar Center where I’d found the cheapest price available.

Remember two of the most important devices in any studio are microphones and monitors ~ spend a decent chunk of change here and you will not be sorry!




2 thoughts on “KRK ROKIT 5 G3

  1. I totally agree. Without a decent set of monitors you’ll never hear half of what’s really going on and without good mics you’ll never pick up the real thing in the first place

    1. 100% correct Eoinmc!

      M&M’s are two pieces of equipment that never receive much attention among all the new gadgets yet are the foundation of every studio big or small.
      ROCK ON!

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