Mackie Mix5 Compact Mixer

Little Package Large Sound!

The Mackie Mix5 Compact Mixer is definitely compact though provides an excellent quality output without added noise or distortion. This is one tough little mixer for your mobile unit or your studio.

Review Analysis

Dubbed by some as the Mackie Mini Mixer, or triple M for short, the Mix5 fits the bill for quality and affordability for even the tightest studio budgets. Let’s take a look at the Pros and Cons.


  • Durable metal construction with plastic side panels

    Mackie Mix5 Compact Mixer
    Mackie Mix5 Compact Mixer

  • Easy layout and controls
  • All top panel connections (except power)
  • Small footprint.
  • Excellent sound quality


  • The user manual lacks the old style Mackie humor 🙁

Where to Buy

Unpacking and Setup

The box was not much bigger than the Mix5 but kept it cozy on it’s way to me. Not much to cover here, an off-board power supply (a.k.a. wall wart), the Mix5 a manual and some other (essential to someone I’m certain) papers.

The manual covers several languages including English. I’d explain what they are but I cannot read them. 🙂 I am fairly certain they are English, Spanish, French and German though.

Upon inspection of the Mix5 I noticed one of the stick on rubber feet missing in the back left hand corner of the unit. I looked through the packing material and the empty box but was unable to find it.

I called the 800 tech support phone number on the back of the manual and a gentle mans automated voice described to me that the office was closed and to call back during regular business hours – which the voice also promoted were between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday Pacific Standard Time. Good to know so I can get my rubber foot and provide you all a review of Mackie’s product service department response.

Everything else looked good and I was ready to set up the Mix5 for a few quick tests.

Mix5 Missing Rubber Foot
Mix5 Missing Rubber Foot

I started by adding this to a PA system I have set up in my garage. Nothing special here just an 1/8″ stereo – RCA (Phono) cable to connect to the  Tape in on the Mix5 and two 1/4″ cables on the main out of the Mix5 to a 1200W power amp.


I fired up my laptop, powered up the Mix5 and the amp and opened an audio file I am very familiar with. No sound – oops operator error – I forgot to press the button on the Mix5 to send the Tape bus to the Main output. All good now.

I went through the full length of the main out volume control an wasn’t surprised to hear crystal clear audio as I’ve heard from other Mackie products.

I brought the Mix5 into my studio and checked the other channels and the XLR input, which does include phantom power. Again I was impressed with the quality of the sound and lack of distortion or other noise.

Overall Impression

Excellent mixer at an Excellent cost!

This will make a great addition to your home recording studio equipment list.

Don’t be fooled though – I’ve seen the Mix5 in local music shops selling for as much as 70 bucks – so don’t get ripped!

This little mixer is the Perfect Solution to solving some of the most annoying studio or live problems – I need more

Mackie Mix5 in Action
Mackie Mix5 in Action


I was not super excited about the plastic side panels until I realized just how tough they really are … I won’t tell you That took them off to check them out as I don’t want to void my warranty. I’m am qualified in medical equipment repair so all is good. 🙂

Stop back to LRT soon – I will provide an update to this review after I’ve called Mackie product support to get assistance with my missing rubber foot.

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If you are interested in, have questions about or just want to give me your thoughts about the Mackie Mix5 Compact Mixer or any other mixer leave me a comments below. I will respond the same day, usually in under a few hours. Don’t forget to check out my article on Recording Studio Apps – you don’t want tot miss this series!



14 thoughts on “Mackie Mix5 Compact Mixer

  1. I have DJ friend in Long Beach, CA who actually recommended that I try this one if ever I wanted to start out. I’ve been scoping out and looking for detailed and good review for it, and stumbling upon your site, I seem to have hit the jackpot. Thanks for sharing, I will be thinking about your points if I will continue with the purchase.

    1. Great to see you liked my article on the Mackie Mix5 Compact Mixer Pearl. It’s an excellent entry level board or small patch board. I use mine everyday. If you have any questions or need any help let me know.

      Thanks for dropping by LRT!

      ROCK ON!


  2. Hi Eric! How do I plug in the Mackie
    mix to my Mac, I read there is no USB?
    I like to buy one tonight but I like to make sure first I can record with it on my Mac.
    Thanks for your answer.
    Best from Sweden,

  3. Hey Eric good review m I’ve played the guitar for 10 years now and never recorded anything serious, back in high school when I had a band we recorded some demos but with some mics, the quality of the sound was not good, will you recommend it for voice and clean outputs? How about some little distortion? Thanks for your well done review.

    1. Hey Mario thanks for stopping by LRT!

      I started out just messing around at first too. What’s cool is that today gear is so affordable and there is so much more of it to choose from that anyone can build a decent studio and record professional sounding recordings on a limited budget.

      I’ve used the Mix5 in my studio and yes for vocals to go through with a mic. The sound was great and there was no noticeable noise. I recommend this board for recording too.

      Hope to see you back soon!

      ROCK ON!


  4. I used to use a small behringer mixer for years before upgrading to a second hand yamaha mixer that I found which has quite a few more channel strips. However in hindsight I wish I had chosen something like the Mackie Mix5 in my early years instead because I always got a lot of unwanted humming and hissing noises using the behringer mixer. Great review!

    1. Hey Tom thanks for stopping by LRT!

      I’ve had a few Behringers boards too but hadn’t noticed any humming or hissing. I’ve also had some other boards but one that I had which provided an awesome sound (no sound is more like it) was my Yamaha Promix01. I have never heard anything so empty and void of sound. It was nice. My Mackie 32/8 was great too but I could hear channel leakage a little.

      Nice chatting with you Tom … stop back soon!!

      ROCK ON!

  5. I think that the review you provided on the Mackie Mix 5 Compact Mixer has been very thorough, detailed, and compared to most like it, likeable by those in the industry. I am wondering if you were able to get an affiliate link at Guitar Center? If so, that is great but if not, then did you get one from Amazon? Maybe both places?
    Now as you can tell, I am not a big music recording, mixing, playing, buff so I don’t have the knowledge that you have about these things. However, my son is a big time guitar player and he thought that your review of this product was very well done. But the overall review of this piece it seems to be thorough, knowledgeable, and very well presented. I forgot to check to make sure your links work and that they also open in a new window as well.
    Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to give you my opinions.

  6. Eric,

    Thanks for this great review about the Mackie Mix5. There’s a plethora of options out there and it can definitely be difficult to choose the right recording equipment if you haven’t navigated the waters for long.

    You’ve given me very good information here about this specific mixer, much appreciated.


    1. You’re welcome Bryan.

      The Mackie Mix5 is a great little board with several uses. I am glad you liked my review.

      Thank you for stopping by LRT, come back soon for more updates articles and reviews.

      ROCK ON!


  7. With all the different companies and products for mixers of varying sizes it’s hard to know which companies and what size of equipment would be best. Your mackie mix5 compact mixer looks and seems like it would be a good fit for starting out and as you said will work well as an extra mixer for a few extra lines.
    That tells me the quality should be good if your willing to add it along side as an extra to a larger more expensive mixer.

    1. Thanks for visiting LRT Travis!

      You are correct – there are many companies and a multitude of sizes, shapes as well as features on mixers today.

      I’ve had several different one’s myself a few of which have been a Yamaha Promix01, a few Behringer’s, a few Mackie’s including a 32/8 bus with meter bridge which was my favorite. The 32/8 was a BIG board.

      The Mix5 is perfect for my needs right now as I just need a few options for some live mix applications and studio setups. For 50 bucks – 30-40 bucks used you cannot beat the Mix5! And yes – the quality is excellent.

      Take a look at these articles for more info equipment to compliment the Mix5 Travis.

      KRK ROKIT 5 G3

      AKG K812

      ROCK ON!


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