Maintenance Update

Changes Coming Soon

Dear LRT visitors,

To enhance your user experience we are making some major changes to our website format over the coming months. What you can expect to see:

  • Less Clutter
  • Easier Navigation
  • Faster Response
  • More Mobile Friendly
  • Regular Content Updates

We encourage your input and ideas as we tailor this site to your needs, please leave us a comment below.




2 thoughts on “Maintenance Update

  1. Thanks for the update, Eric. I was starting to wonder where you had gone, as I missed your regular posts from last year. This is a nice website, but if you can make it even better then that’s great! I’m really interested to hear your views on various recording and music making equipment, as it’s always good to get the informed opinions of someone who knows what they are talking about.

    In fact, I am particularly interested in your advice about getting a new pair of studio monitor speakers. I should be able to afford about £100-200 GBP. Do you think I could get something reliable and good quality for that kind of money? I’m hoping it will be a good investment.

    1. Hey Marcus great to see you again!

      Many things have happened that kept me from updated LRT as I had originally planned. I was unfortunately involved in an automobile accident and I am still healing and it is a slow and painful process but LRT is back in motion with some help from some others.

      You can definitely get a decent pair of monitors that fit your budget and I will certainly make it a point to write an article on the various makes/models available along with my review of them.

      Until then keep on rocking Marcus!

      ROCK ON!

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