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Money IS Freedom

I’ve lived long enough to understand that Freedom is not a universal all encompassing ideal that everyone gets for Free – imagine that!

It upsets me on some deep level but it is the world we live in and depending where you live you may have more or less freedom that others but it always boils down to how much money or currency you have.

One device of our own  human creation that allows freedom is currency and the more you have the more free you are. Freedom is mobility.

Not many of us generate our own food or provide our own living 100% purely alone so we need others. Even in a barter system (which is really not a far cry from currency) we must have others to survive. Given this comes the reality of inequality and economic social gaps or freedom gaps to be more realistic.

So much for my deep thoughts, I’m done with that for now. What I will focus on is ways to make your studio and equipment work for you to – You Guessed it – Make Money!

First thing

To do this you cannot just be some geek with a computer and a microphone that thinks you’re going to become rich recording music for others. I guarantee you’ll be busted by your clients rather quickly when they find you don’t know jack about recording.

People love to spread bad news more than good news so your wasting your time if your interest is to simply spend a few bucks and fake people out. You’re just going to look bad so don’t do it.

For those that would like to make money with your existing studio and equipment and those that are sincerely interested in building a studio and would like to earn some extra revenue to support building a bigger better badder ass studio then my Making Money section of LRT is definitely for YOU!

Read on and enjoy the ride!

You will also find other key ways to monetize your skills in this section of LRT. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or add comments … don’t be shy!

Until then …



6 thoughts on “Making Money

  1. Being a guitarist and singer myself, i would love to think that i can take this passion and lead to something where i can make a bit of cash. I look forward to reading your new content and getting some well needed tips. Keep up the good work dude.

    1. Thank you David, not everyone has a desire to monetize their studio or skills. This is why I am building LRT as my journey rather than a typically how to site. I hope at one point to have something for nearly anyone and everyone here.
      Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!
      ROCK ON!

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