Microphones and Monitors

The Two Most Important Ingredients ~ M&M’s

to your home recording studio design will be microphones and monitors! I understand you are probably saying what do microphones have to do with designing a recording studio ~ well not a lot for most small one room, home or project studios.

However the number of microphones, placement, uses, isolation and other key topics revolving around microphones will be very crucial in your studio design.

Monitors will also have to be taken into consideration when planning your design. Again most of us with small home studios or the inspiration to build one will not need to go in depth into room acoustics and special monitor placement to focus the sweet spot.

For most of us the monitor concerns to keep in mind are physical size, power size, quality and connect-ability.

KRK ROKIT 5 G3 front
My studio’s messy – Pay Attention to the KRK Rokit 5 G3!
Condenser Microphone
NADY SCM 900 Condenser Mic

Where to Spend Your Hard Earned Cash

On microphones and monitors of course!

If you look at the various aspects and components in the recording chain there are very few things most beginners will have control over, unless they have an unlimited budget of course ~ I’m not in this category for sure!

The start of the chain typically (but not always) starts with a microphone. Ever heard of GIGO ~ Garbage In Garbage Out? Why record your amazing 20 minute guitar solo that rocks the house with a cheap microphone. If you do you’ve accomplished to immediately detract from the sonic quality of your piece. That sounds really official ~ immediately detract from the sonic quality of your piece.

You get it … right?

The same holds true at the arse end of the chain, monitors. You need monitors of decent quality and you must know them or learn them. Yes, this is true.

So take a good portion of your budget and use it here.

What About Other Equipment

I agree that all equipment needs to be of decent quality, including cables, boards, effects, processors and so on. I also agree that microphones and monitors are pretty boring ~ no flashy lights, no buttons, no cool screens and fancy options as in the case with most DAW’s ~ you just buy them and that’s it, done.

What I’ve seen too often, and been guilty of myself, is going gear crazy. I put the cart before the horse so to say.

Think of recording as a vehicle, bare with me here this will make sense soon (I hope), You definitely need wheels and an engine right? Well that’s the microphones and the monitors. The DAW, recorder, cables, processors, effects, stands and so on are all the other parts of the vehicle.

Most people start with a junker, at least where I live, and over time move on to better vehicles. So get great tires and a great engine and worry about the upholstery and paint later ~ trust me I’ve been there more than once!

Get the Most Out of Your Home Recording Studio Design

by paying attention to detail and starting with the two most important ingredients, microphones, and monitors!

More Information

I have started writing reviews on equipment and have one completed on a new set of monitors I purchased. You can find it under the Reviews tab up top or just click here to get there! Technology is so darn cool!



16 thoughts on “Microphones and Monitors

  1. Love the writing style, Eric – nicely no-nonsense. I can’t claim to be experienced at home recording, but I do understand a lot of the basic principles of recording generally, and I’d say your observations and recommendations are clear and sensible. Good site!

    1. Sorry to hear your previous attempt failed Camille, but your not the only one. This is why I created Learn Recording Today, to help others out. I’m still working on LRT and with the knowledge I have probably will be for a long time. If you have any specific questions don’t be afraid to ask!

      ROCK ON!

  2. Very awesome post, I must say that I never tried NADY SCM 900 before, but this article got me curious to try it out. Thanks for posting this Eric.

  3. I’ve been wanting a pro-grade mic for some time. I know it’s possible to get high-quality without spending a thousand for it. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve managed to check out.

    1. Kyle you are 100% right – you do not need to spend a grand to get a great quality mic. You are also right that I will be taste testing and passing along my thoughts on mics! Thanks for stopping by.
      ROCK ON!

  4. This post greatly explains the necessities for a home studio for a newbie such as myself with no history or experience with the field. I now know of 2 great products to look into getting and be able to recommend to anyone who’s asking. Great information provided here.

    1. That is my intent with LRT Diondre, to help newbies and anyone else for the matter. M&M’s will potentially be the most important things in your or any studio everyday for all time.
      ROCK ON!

  5. It’s interesting that I stumbled onto this site. I was at my buddies the other day and he’s pretty big into music and he was just talking about how he should have gone a little bit better on the quality of his equipment. He went off about the micro phone, the monitor and pedals.
    Sorry, I’d like be more specific with the specs but he lost me at “I wish I had better equipment” He went off about decibels, hertz, noise filtering, etc.. It seems to be a very technical field of work or hobby to take up. He played me some samples that he made and tried to explain how it would have sounded if he had a certain component and what not.
    Musician must have a very fine ear because I tried telling him that his work sounded awesome to me but his reaction, kind of chuckles and said he still wants better gear. I can relate to that, I enjoy fishing and hunting but I always want a better riffle or reel.
    Thanks for the insight, I’ll have to forward this site to my buddy. He’s right into post.

    1. Hey Thanks for stopping by Dan, by happenstance or not I enjoy your thoughts. See now if you start talking fishing and hunting I’m gonna have a deer in the headlights look. I get it Dan and thanks for passing along my site along to your buddy.
      ROCK ON!

  6. I love how you call Microphones and Monitors M&M. Very informative and I completely agree that both microphones and monitors are vital ingredients for recording. It is wise to buy the most quality products to produce the best recording. Great post!

    1. Thanks Chris! Yeah money spent on quality gear is never a waste. It is just important to know what gear to spend bigger dough on first. Thanks for taking a moment to comment!
      ROCK ON!

  7. I keep coming back to this site. As someone with recording experience on both sides of the mixing desk, this is the perfect no nonsense guide to home recording

    1. Thank you Eoinmc … I am here to help those that are now in the shoes I wore long ago. I had some great folks help me out but never had a go to site years ago – so LRT is my dream site to help you and others Learn Recording Today!

      ROCK ON!

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