Music Engineering Schools, Worthwhile or Not?

There is much to be said about the old brick and mortar schools as well as structured distance (online) courses and I’d never put anyone down for going this route.

However, Music Engineering Schools come with a cost and typically that cost is out for reach of most people (at least people that I know) that want to learn to record at home. For some the cost is even to great Fettes College, Edinburghfor those that wish to go professional or turn their studio into a business. Music engineering schools have their place but so do free access learning platforms provided by experienced individuals such as myself. My intent with Learn Recording Today is not to undermine the academic community but rather to assist individuals such as yourself to become familiar enough with recording and all the various aspects surrounding recording to fulfill your goals.

Should I stay or should I go

Some of you may continue on to an academic future and many will stay right here learning from the man on the street so to say. Interestingly enough there is a great deal of information and a wealth of knowledge that will soon be bound up in Learn Recording Today. Just as much as you may find in any classroom, physical or otherwise. I encourage you to leave comments and ask questions. Let me know what you’d like to learn or discuss, challenges your facing or hurdles you’ve overcome. I will do my best to provide everything you need to get rolling and be successful at recording at home.

Why, you ask …

because I had others help me along and now I’m paying it forward, to you! That, and I have a blast talking and writing about music, recording and my adventures throughout. This Is not your typical website in which I explain what a compressor is and what all the buttons do. No not at all,  this is a living breathing part of myself that is coated with recording and laced with fun and real life adventures. Best of all you can still check into Music Engineering Schools while you play here! Let’s get started shall we …



4 thoughts on “Music Engineering Schools, Worthwhile or Not?

    1. Hey Tom thanks for stopping by LRT. I’ve heard of many brick and mortar platforms which offer recording programs and yes SAE Institute is one of them. I’ve not had personal experience with SAE.

      All, well, the majority of the B&M music engineering schools boast great facilities and teachers and some boast other claims too, NONE, I am aware of boast how much they will cost you.

      What makes SAE different Tom? If there is something you know, that we all should know about SAE, pass it along and I’ll consider an article on it.

      ROCK ON!

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