On the Road

What, A Home Studio On The Road?

Yeah it doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to you right now or maybe your some kind of prodigy and know exactly where I’m going with this.

If you fall into either of the above buckets or are lounging around somewhere in-between is of no real concern as I am going to spill the beans straight away.

For Many Reasons

but mostly for two reasons;

  • Convenience for you or your artist(s)


  • To Generate New Revenue Streams

Let’s tackle the latter first –

On The Road For Money – New Revenue Streams

This will be more thoroughly explained in upcoming articles that you can find under the Revenue category over on the sidebar – I know your looking know 😉

I wanted to briefly mention it here as it is one of the main reasons to hump your gear around town and set up on the

Brakes on the Left!
Brakes on the Left!

road. – No not actually on the Road!

Let’s face it – there are certain revenue streams that you just cannot capture in your bedroom, say for instance recording a live performance at a venue.

You’re missing out on this if you cannot go mobile. This is also something to consider when purchasing equipment – remember the questions we asked ourselves – Anyone?

Again for those who are reading but taking a mental nap I will be going over several other places to generate revenue should you be interested in taking your gear (or some of it) on the Road.

Convenience For You or Your Artist(s)

Although similar to my example above this differs such that you are not generating new revenue rather making accommodations to secure existing revenue.

Let’s use a couple examples;

1. You’re recording a band in your studio and the keyboardist tells you that his church has the most amazing organ that they’d like to use on their song. Ok, so Johnny Jazz Fingers goes on to tell you that the Pastor said it would be cool to use – but the thing is mounted into the building and has 12 foot brass pipes on it.

Go Johnny Go!
Go Johnny Go!

Guess what – your going on the road – and you are going to be the HERO so don’t mess up the on location recording dude! No pressure.

2. It’s not always about the tools in your box and you find that when recording a solo female singer. You’re trying to find the right reverb and delay to really make Lana Lotta Lungs song a hit but it’s just not in your bag of tricks.

You suggest and Ms. Lings agrees to record her vocal at this cool little pub down the road that has the perfect natural room sound you’re looking for. Don’t forget to leave a tip . . . yes for the bartender gutter melon.

Lana Lotta Lungs
Lana Lotta Lungs

So you see by my painfully un-poetic examples there are times you may need to go on the road with some if not all of your gear. So make friends with a few husky fellas who work for beer – but trust me don’t pay them until the gigs over or they may leave your gear out in the rain.

This section is about the gear and some other good advice about going on a road trip. You can check out the revenue category for more on money making opportunities on the road.

It’s that time again –




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