The Basics (The Four Food Groups of Recording)

The process of recording has been described, illustrated, written about, blogged, discussed and taught in various venues by multitudes of people. I like to keep things simple. So simply put there are four basic stages of recording;

Source  –  Input Device  –  Recording Device  –  Output

Of course this seems overly simplistic but it really is the bare bones of what is taking place when music or other media is recorded. I will dig much deeper into each of these four recording food groups and you will see how broccoli is as different from corn as an ADAT is to a DAW.

This may sound overwhelming or it may sound rudimentary. Not everyone comes to this site with the same knowledge or experience. As time passes there will be something here for everyone so feel free to jump around and check out whatever gets your amps rocking.



4 thoughts on “Recording

  1. What and awesome and informative site! I’m really into music (I studied it briefly @ school) so i’ll be checking out this site regularly as I do a lot of DJing! Great layout and useful content! Keep up the good work 🙂 x

    1. Thanks Charlotte! I’ve been plugging away at the site an there will be a lot more coming soon so pop back in anytime. I will also be adding content that will be useful to DJ’s too! ROCK ON! E

    1. Thanks Joshua, the blue really caught my eye too. When your ready to start recording if you have any questions you know where to find me. Rock on!

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