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Check out my personal reviews on equipment I’ve owned, borrowed, stolen, used, touched, played with or have been otherwise privy to.


This is a free site after all and I put my time and effort into helping you. All I ask is that you leave honest and helpful comments on my reviews to aid others in their journey to Learn Recording Today. Ok that was a bit of a plug – shame on me – but I’m sure you’d do the same if you were in my seat.

Now that we have that cleared up

I sincerely respect and encourage any and all comments – good, bad or indifferent. So dig in, check out my reviews and leave comments.



Please Note – I have never stolen anything in my life ~ the comment “stolen” above is just for humor. Actually to be 100% honest I cannot account for the first 5 or 6 years of my life as they are way too foggy. Wait – so are the most recent 5 or 6. Damn, what day is it and where’d I put my fork?
Honestly I will not hold it against you if you leave a comment on items you have stolen though I cannot be held responsible or accountable for anyone that turns your ass in.

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Haha I love the disclaimer! Where DID you put your fork?

    Question: have you heard of (or ever used) a cajon? I think I’m going to get one…I might get two so I can play with my cajones.

    1. I must say I am still unable to locate that fork of mine Lauren. I am happy to hear you enjoyed the disclaimer and that you too have a sense of humor!

      Answer: I have heard of a cajon in fact. A cajon looks very similar to a wooden speaker box without the speaker and is used as a percussion instrument. It may be tough to play with two but I am certain it has been done many times.

      Thanks for stopping by LRT Lauren, and let us know when you pick up your cajones!

      ROCK ON!

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