What is a DAW – You Really Want to Know?

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Nope, try again.

So what is a DAW – OK, I’ll just tell you –

a DAW is otherwise known as a Digital Audio Workstation.

Well that’s a mouthful but what does it actually mean Eric? (I do actually talk to myself like this sometimes – and out loud too – is that weird?)

Digital – meaning not analog. As opposed to recording devices in days past, however many are still around, the new generation are mainly digital in nature.

Digital signals are comprised of electrical pulses and lack of pulses, in a nutshell 1’s and 0’s or an On state or Off state. It’s one or the other but nothing in between.

These states are used in a coded format much more complex than Morse Code and are meaningful to computer peeps (I didn’t say geeks) and computers themselves.

Whereas analog signals are electrical in nature too but change as sound pressure changes. No On Off states here, rather a constant waveform of varying amplitude.

Audio – Sound, need I say more . . .

Workstation – Honestly I don’t ever recall hearing this word before computers became mainstream. A workstation is, well, a space that contains the necessary tools to complete work. I didn’t look it up in a dictionary or anything but if you’d like to please post a comment so we all know the proper definition.

So what is a DAW – Now that I may have confused the hell out of you I will simply say a DAW, or Digital Audio Workstation is most commonly known as a software program with which you can record, mix, and sometimes master audio files.

I said “most likely a software program” and DAW’s can take other shapes as well – there are some all-in-one mixer/recorder devices on the market that can be considered DAW’s. These typically include a mixer, recorder, hard drive and some have effects.

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What Does This Mean To Me?

Simple – DAW’s give you amazing opportunity and flexibility and range from free to buku bucks!

Things to Keep in Mind –

Not all DAW’s are created equal and I guarantee you NONE work without some external equipment.

For the most common DAW’s, computer based software, you will need an input device or more widely known as now an audio interface. Remember the Four Food Groups? You can read about audio interfaces in an upcoming article. I may call it Audio Interfaces but I’m the type that leans towards Interface This – I’ll tell you what … you shoot me a comment on what you think I should call the article – after all this is your site.

Of course you’ll need M&M’s and/or Cans too – unless you’d prefer to use your cheesy built in speakers and mic on your computer. Not Recommended, I’ve tried it -100% poopy!

Now That's Stinky!
Now That’s Stinky!

Speaking of computer you’re gonna need one of those too – I’m guessing you already have a computer unless you’re checking out LRT on your phone – which is easily possible these days.

K – I’m fairly certain I’ve spent all my meager attempt funds to make YOU smile and chuckle by now so I’ll get back to the point.

 Dryers And Washers

Right, but no one says that, they say Washers And Dryers but my post is not about WAD’s it’s about DAW’s.

Sorry for that it just came to me. [I’ll insert little smiley face here later for your viewing pleasure]

Well Now that you Know …

what a DAW is and how it does not at all resemble a WAD (I’m not sure what a WAD looks like myself but boy can I imagine) my job is done – Not Really. I know for those of you new to recording you have questions – and hopefully as many as I did when I started.

43 on palm
PPP – Poverty Palm Pilot

Time for YOU to ask your questions to me – See the comment section below … shoot me a question!

No question is dumb or stupid but may be irrelevant – I like those irrelevant ones too so go ahead and let me know if

that comment section really works – I want to test it to the max – so at least 43 of you need to comment at the same time. (thought I’d picked a random number but I’m 43 – go figure – not so random after all) Let’s try to blow this page up!

One Last Thing …

I have much more to come on DAW’s and many other topics so stay tuned and let me know what you think of LRT and let me know what your favorite band is —— and what your least favorite band is —

So what is a DAW – You should be able to tell me now.

Check out my DAW review page here (Coming Soon).

Love and Peace



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