You’ve Decided to Record Your Music – Now What?

Before you start recording you will have to ask yourself some questions. Your answers to these questions will give you a heading on the direction you need to pursue to achieve your goal – An Awesome Recording of Your Own Music!

You will find throughout this website a wealth of the information, tips & tricks, reviews, guidance and other resources from my experience throughout the last 25+ years to aid you on your journey. If you are new to recording, which is probably why you are here today, realize that you can also make money recording. I will discuss many opportunities on this subject also.

Let’s dig in!

I have no idea what’s under there …

I will assume (although we know what that can do) that you already have your instrument(s) and a head full of songs ready to lay down. If not, well, make it up as you go …. that’s what I typically do. So other than instruments and creativity below is a list that will help you on your journey to get you rolling – was that a pun …

What am I recording?

Who is my audience?

What is my budget?

What equipment do I have and what will I need?

Will I expand?

Of course the above list is only scratching the surface as I could post a list pages long but you get the general idea. Stay tuned, more to come!



12 thoughts on “You’ve Decided to Record Your Music – Now What?

  1. Hi Eric,

    Maybe I’ve not looked closely enough, but have you posted any links to any of your recordings on here? I’d be really interested in hearing the sort of music you play and record.


    1. Hey Phil thanks for stopping by LRT!

      You’ve looked closely enough – I do not have any of my music posted on LRT yet. In fact I don’t have it posted anywhere.

      I will have this soon for certain! Hell, can’t have a recording site without tunes right.

      ROCK ON!


    1. Thanks Darin! If there is anything in particular that you’re looking for let me know and I’ll be sure to add it quickly. See you back soon!

      ROCK ON!

  2. Hey, Im loving your Website, Im surounded by producers and DJs all day. i like to write songs and i would love to get into production. I have had a little play with a few bits of equiptment but nothing special i can share. I think ill have to come back for tips once i set up my stuff. I have so much stuff just need to get it all sorted out. well done

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